Bathroom renovation - the most beautiful bathroom makeovers in our before and after gallery

Welcome to our before and after gallery of fantastic bathroom makeovers!
With a bathroom renovation, you can transform your old bathroom into a modern, contemporary space. Here we show you stunning transformations of aging bathrooms into beautiful, functional and appealing spaces. Each project in our gallery is an example of how a small change or renovation can improve the look and comfort of your bathroom.
Let our before and after pictures inspire you and see how you can transform even your old bathroom into a modern dream bathroom that you will feel right at home in and want to enjoy every day.

A drab bathroom becomes a pastel oasis of well-being

Ein älteres Badezimmer mit weißen Fliesen vor der Renovierung mit einer beigen Badewanne, einem großen Fenster und einer Heizung.

Before: One looks in vain for contrasts in this bathroom. The colour palette ranges from white to beige and is not particularly inviting. The window panelling and sanitary facilities are visibly getting on in years.

Ein mit Ceramin renoviertes Badezimmer in beige-weiß mit Badewanne, einem großen Fenster und Heizung.

After: Powdery ambience in delicate pastel pink: the bathroom looks tidier, cleaner and more elegant. The small tiles have given way to large XXL tiles, creating greater depth. The window frames and sanitary facilities have also been updated and are now harmoniously integrated into the new design.

Time travel in the guest WC - from the 70s to the modern age

Ein älteres Bad vor der Renovierung mit türkisen Fliesen, einem WC, einem Bidet und einem Waschbecken.
Before: Admittedly, the monochrome colour scheme does have something going for it. But unfortunately the 70s are no longer modern. The fittings and tiled backsplash show clear signs of wear. The cistern, including the pipe system, protrudes into the room, which makes it seem even more cold and unsettled.
Ein mit Ceramin Marmor Stone renoviertes Badezimmer in beige-grau mit Toilette, Bidet und Waschbecken.

After: The monochrome style has been retained but given a modernisation. The once small tiles were replaced by larger ones and now appear in a modern graphite tone that creates a calm atmosphere. The fittings have also been replaced. The round countertop washbasin in matching grey gives the room a contemporary feel. In addition, new furniture was added to visually enhance the space. The use of plants in green and wood provides a natural touch and contributes to a pleasant room atmosphere.

Adieu Tristesse - Bonjour Well-Being

Ein älteres Badezimmer mit weißen Fliesen und Toilette und Badewanne.
Before: The more than plain bathroom in pure white invites no one to linger here longer than necessary. The lack of contrasts with fittings and accessories underpins the feeling of a lack of cosiness and warmth. Here, you have to look very closely to find the cistern's flue.
Ein mit Ceramin renoviertes Badezimmer in grauem Marmor-Look mit Badewanne und Toilette.
After: A feel-good oasis in rich colours. The stone-look tile backsplash forms a strong but pleasant contrast to the almost black wall colour. The marbled, deep dark floor tiles harmonise with the overall impression. The silver fittings were also deliberately and harmoniously chosen here. Have you noticed? Visitors can now also reach the toilet paper without spinal damage.

Sie möchten Ihrem Badezimmer ebenfalls ein Update verpassen? Mit CERAMIN® sind auch aufwändige Renovierungsarbeiten in Rekordzeit erledigt.

Die Vorteile von CERAMIN® für Ihre Badezimmer Renovierung:

  • Also suitable for wet rooms
  • particularly warm underfoot
  • Non-slip, robust and dimensionally stable
  • ideal also for underfloor heating
  • Much lighter than ceramic tiles
  • Easy to cut with a cutter knife
  • Easy and dust-free to install
  • Virtually jointless due to XXL formats
  • Old tiles can simply be pasted over
  • Particularly easy to clean 
  • free from all questionable plasticisers
  • 100 percent recyclable without loss of quality

Take a look at our entire collection and get inspired for your personal dream bathroom.

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