Sustainability meets design: the CLASSEN showroom

Over 150 different decors can be found in the CLASSEN Group's new showroom at its headquarters in Kaisersesch. The redesign follows the core principles of the family business: modern, innovative, sustainable. The old showroom has also been given a unique and environmentally friendly makeover.

The concept of the previous showroom has been completely revised. Instead of one large area, the space is divided into different segments. The layout is modular, meaning it can be flexibly changed and exchanged. This means that current trends and products can be incorporated into the showroom presentation dynamically and without great effort. The selection of products on display is a cross-section of all the company's collections and impressively demonstrates the company's design diversity. A current highlight is the new CERAMIN®-Sortiment NUVA mit verschiedensten Oberflächen und Designs. Am Interactive Digital Space können Besucher:innen anhand der Artikelnummer jederzeit mehr Informationen zu den einzelnen Dekoren erhalten.

Changeable rooms

Many green and plant elements reflect the sustainability of the floor coverings on display. Unusual installations such as graffiti walls provide visual variety. The showroom serves as an important meeting and exchange point with our customers. The layout creates independent showrooms, coordinated with selected collections and individual meeting rooms and booths for meetings. The showroom is designed to bring our work and our products to life. For this reason, the orientation event for new arrivals also takes place at this location. A good example of the tangible application of the decors is a recreated room. Here, visitors can experience selected floor coverings as if they were taken from real life. A bathroom and a children's room with a reading corner have been recreated with great attention to detail.

Showroom for recycling

Presentation decors and showrooms are known for being disposable products. Trade fairs in particular are criticized for producing a huge amount of waste in a short space of time. The CLASSEN Group is taking a different approach and has already made a name for itself at K 2022 with a recyclable exhibition stand for attention. The newly built showroom is based on a similar principle. The decors are either given to dealers for use in their own showrooms or recycled right next door! The used flooring from the showroom is sent to the production plant in Kaisersesch, where it is processed and turned into brand new flooring without any losses. The new showroom is also built according to this principle and can be recycled at any time. In this way, the CLASSEN Group meets its own high standards of sustainability and recycling management.

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