Der beste Bodenbelag im Büro: Ein Leitfaden zur Auswahl

The choice of office flooring must be made with great care. If the flooring is too hard, it creates a background noise that is distracting when working. If it is too soft, filing cabinets and heavy furniture will leave marks forever, even if they are moved slightly. And that's just one of many aspects you need to consider. The effort is worth it, because your employees will spend a large part of their day in the office. You can create a pleasant working atmosphere and a calm environment with the right flooring so that they can do this happily and productively. The right or wrong choice can even have a health impact on your workforce.

What is most important when it comes to office flooring?

In contrast to other rooms, practical requirements take centre stage in the office. The flooring must be robust, durable and easy to clean, as it is exposed to constant wear and tear. Office chairs and street shoes are on the surface every day. Dirt-repellent and easy-care flooring is therefore ideal. Integrated footfall sound insulation is also important to ensure a quiet working environment. The office floor should also represent the company. A wide selection of decors and design options is advisable.

One aspect that too often goes unnoticed is the effect of the floor covering on the Health of your employees. Indoor air quality in particular is influenced by the floor. Prolonged and repeated contact with chemicals or pollutants in the room air can cause illnesses and lead to concentration problems. If the flooring is of poor quality, these conditions are quickly created - after all, we spend around a third of our lives in the office. The consequences for the employer can be not only an increase in sick days, but also allergies among employees.

When choosing the right floor covering, you should pay particular attention to one additive: Plasticisers, also known as phthalates. In February 2024, the potentially carcinogenic substance once again came into the focus of the environmental authorityas it has been increasingly detected in children. Plasticisers are mainly used in the manufacture of PVC and therefore also PVC and vinyl flooring. There is no labelling obligation. Instead, renowned testing institutes such as the "Blue Angel" eco-label or the certificate from the Eco Institute provide information on whether you can safely buy a floor covering for your office. Healthy office flooring pays off. Make sure you opt for a healthy and durable product right from the start.

The issue of sustainability is not only important for private individuals, but is also playing an increasingly important role for companies in all areas of business - including flooring, of course. Buy a floor that is either made from renewable, natural raw materials or that is 100% recyclable and low-emission. Many floor coverings are unable to fulfil these requirements and are not recycled, but incinerated or - in some cases illegally - dumped.

What is the best material for office flooring?

The choice of flooring for your office is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Some time ago, textile flooring was the most common choice for a professional working environment - now modern alternatives such as laminate are more popular. Which material you choose naturally depends on personal taste. However, the different floor coverings offer clear advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of when buying. 

Vinyl floor 

Vinyl and also PVC flooring are often a tempting option for offices due to their low cost and easy maintenance. They are dirt and dust repellent, which makes cleaning easier, and offer a degree of sound insulation. However, vinyl floors always contain Harmful plasticiserswhich evaporate over time and are released into the air. This can lead to health problems and concentration problems among the workforce. In addition, the material is not particularly scratch-resistant. Heavy furniture and plastic castors can quickly leave marks. A better alternative is designer flooring.


Carpet gives your office a cosy atmosphere and provides good sound insulation. Textile flooring is available in many different designs and can be easily customised to your company's requirements. The material is pleasant to the touch and is easy to cut and lay. However, carpet requires regular and thorough cleaning. Office furniture leaves pressure marks on the material and cleaning is time-consuming. Carpet also has a limited lifespan and needs to be replaced after a few years. 


Tiles are an unconventional option for office floors, but can be a unique and appropriate solution for this very reason. The timeless design and high load-bearing capacity of the material are definitely suitable for an office space. The tiles stand up well to heavy wear and constant use - they are resistant to scratches and pressure marks. They are also very easy to clean. Dust and dirt particles are not absorbed by the floor and can simply be wiped away. This makes the flooring particularly hygienic and suitable for allergy sufferers. However, tiles also have some disadvantages. The cold surface has a cooling effect on the room, especially in the winter months. In addition, laying tiles is time-consuming and requires expertise. Even minor damage or replacement work requires professional support.

Design floor 

Particularly stylish and an enormous range of options in terms of texture and appearance: designer floors are currently in vogue. They make stone or wood decors easily possible in office spaces, without the disadvantages of the individual materials. Regardless of the decor, design flooring cushions your steps when you walk on it and provides good sound insulation for the right working atmosphere. The material is dirt-repellent and easy to clean. This is not only beneficial for allergy sufferers, but also saves time when cleaning. However, major damage to the floor cannot be sanded off as is the case with parquet flooring, for example. These must be repaired accordingly.

When buying, you should also make sure that you install high-quality and healthy products in the office space. Only rely on renowned seals such as the Blue Angel or the Eco-Institute. In our collections you will find attractive designer floors that are guaranteed to be plasticiser-free and come in a variety of designs to meet your company's requirements.


Laminate is a popular choice for offices as it offers a cost-effective alternative to real wood and a variety of designs and decors to choose from. It is relatively scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Depending on the manufacturer, there are major differences in the resilience of the material. It is often not particularly water-resistant. Spilled glass can cause the base to swell and thus deform. Over time, the surface wears down and scratches become more visible. This is all the more true for a high-traffic area such as an office. Some manufacturers already install their laminate with impact sound insulation. This is not always the case. Find out beforehand whether additional insulation is necessary to reduce the background noise in the office. We offer a high quality High-quality selection of laminate flooring for your office with built-in insulation and scratch-resistant surface.


When choosing your floor, you are faced with an important decision. Weigh up the pros and cons of the different products against your own needs. If you are looking for flooring that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also environmentally friendly and perfect for the office, our new Nuva collection could be just the thing for you. With its variety of decors and PVC-free composition, the collection fulfils the highest quality standards and offers application possibilities for various office requirements.

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