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Previously, developers had to choose between either low-cost flooring such as PVC or high-quality materials such as granite, natural stone or parquet. The former is often associated with pollutants and may soon be banned. The latter is becoming increasingly expensive due to the shortage of raw materials. CERAMIN®-based products for walls and floors, on the other hand, are both ecologically sustainable and affordable. In terms of design, a wide variety of surface structures & designs can be realized - from natural stone such as marble and granite, to concrete and slate, to absolutely natural-looking wood looks.

Individual optics for all customer requirements

In the construction industry, it is of great importance to be able to offer individual looks in order to meet the different individual customer requirements. By using different sizes, shapes and decors such as stone, wood, marble and granite, customers can design their rooms with products that reflect their personal style and taste. The variety of options makes it possible to cover all customer preferences. For bridal wearers, choosing CERAMIN® means being able to offer a wide range of options to ensure customer satisfaction and thus meet market demands for increasing individualization.

More and more sustainability also required in the construction industry

Climate change and growing consumer awareness of environmental issues are driving the development of sustainable building products and technologies. By using sustainable materials and practices, the industry can help reduce the carbon footprint and create a better future for people and the environment. Our CERAMIN® products contribute to this by being 100% recyclable, consisting of a high proportion of post-consumer recyclates, and being free of any plasticizers and additives that are harmful to health.

Fast and safe building

CERAMIN® floor coverings offer the industry many advantages thanks to their unique properties. The raw materials used all originate from Germany or neighboring EU countries, so a high level of supply chain stability can be guaranteed here. With no drying times and due to their low weight and up to 50% less dust and noise, they are extremely practical, save time, nerves and costs and guarantee quick and easy installation. The extremely high resistance and dimensional stability grants a long life and resistance to regular wear and tear. In addition, Ceramin is absolutely waterproof, making it suitable for wet and damp areas. This makes our CERAMIN® floor coverings the ideal solution for property developers.

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