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As a rule, the selection of floor coverings is one of the tasks of an interior designer or an interior decorator, but especially in direct customer contact it is also important for architects to make the appropriate recommendations during the planning stage that take into account the requirements of the customer and the room. From the point of view of robustness, ease of installation and low installation height, CERAMIN®-based floors contribute to the rapid and successful renovation or refurbishment of existing rooms. But also from the point of view of sustainability or high design and quality standards, our CERAMIN® floors do not have to hide.

High quality standard for a quick and clean renovation

Our CERAMIN® floor coverings are suitable for both wall and floor applications. They are extremely robust (NKL 34) and can therefore also be used in the commercial sector. Our planks and tiles have an absolutely waterproof surface that prevents the floor from swelling. They can be laid over existing floor coverings or tile backsplashes without additional drying times (gluing required in wet areas), thus saving your customers time and money. On the construction site, the use of CERAMIN® results in 50% less dust and noise - for fast, high-quality and clean construction. For further questions, please also take a look at our FAQ.

The future of building - sustainability in architecture

Winning in architecture Sustainability is becoming increasingly important - whether in new builds or in the renovation and refurbishment of existing buildings. Our innovative CERAMIN® material is not only absolutely sustainable, healthy to live with and even suitable for allergy sufferers, but is also free from PVC and therefore any plasticisers and phthalates. This is also emphasised by the Blue Angel award. CERAMIN® also consists of a high proportion of recycled material and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life cycle - without any downcycling. This means that the value of this material is retained even after disposal, making a valuable contribution to sustainability in architecture.

A wide range of design options that leave nothing to be desired

Due to the wide range of decor variations that are constantly being created in our in-house digital printing center, it is possible to create aesthetically pleasing surface structures that look confusingly similar to natural materials such as natural or stone flooring. Our products come in a variety of formats and designs - as classic planks for different wood looks or as tiles and large formats that allow for an almost seamless look. Let our collections inspire you.


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