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In recent years, the bathroom has developed into a place that should not only serve daily hygiene, but also invite you to relax and feel good. Bathroom renovations and modernizations are therefore inevitable for many homeowners in order to meet the increased demands on their own "oasis of well-being". For renovation and refurbishment companies, this offers a great opportunity to meet the needs of their customers by using high-quality, environmentally friendly and aesthetic products. DIY:indoors, the use of CERAMIN® enables fast and visually appealing renovation.

Perfect for DIY

CERAMIN® is an ideal choice for Bathroom renovation by DIY enthusiasts. The warm-to-the-touch tiles, including the large-format XXL tiles with their virtually seamless appearance, are two-thirds lighter than conventional ceramic or stoneware tiles and can therefore be laid without assistance. They can be easily cut to size with a cutter knife and require no additional drying time after installation. What's more, existing wall and floor coverings, such as backsplashes in the bathroom, can simply be glued over. Installation causes significantly less dust and noise (-50%) - a pleasant experience for DIY enthusiasts and neighbours.

Quality made in Germany

Our CERAMIN® tiles are slip-resistant and 100% waterproof, which makes them ideal for wet and damp areas. Thanks to their low installation height, they can also be laid without any problems on underfloor heating systems - both hot water and electric. CERAMIN® floors are UV-resistant and also much more robust and resistant than standard tiles (NKL34). In order to guarantee you the best quality of our products at all times, we subject them to regular internal and external tests by independent institutes. And if something should go wrong, no problem - all our CERAMIN® products come with a warranty of up to 15 years! If you have any further questions, please take a look at our FAQ.

Sustainable and healthy for living

We obtain most of the raw materials for our floor coverings directly from Germany. Not only these short delivery routes, but also the general material properties of our innovative CERAMIN® material make our floor coverings the ideal choice in terms of environmental friendliness and healthy living. CERAMIN® floor coverings are PVC-free and do not contain any harmful additives. Allergy sufferers can also breathe a sigh of relief, because with CERAMIN® there is no danger whatsoever for adults, children or pets. This is also confirmed by the Blue Angel label. If the tiles do need to be replaced and removed at some point, our floor coverings are 100% recyclable and are subsequently processed into new flooring - no downcycling, no additional plastic waste. That's how true circular economy works.


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