Awards and recognition: The Classen Group in the world of floor coverings

As the Classen Group, we are proud to have received a number of awards and accolades for our commitment and sustainable products in the flooring industry. These awards are testament to our continued dedication to quality, innovation and sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions.

CERAMINⓇ: Winner of the Interzum Award and Domotex Green Collection Award

The material we have developed, CERAMINhas been used for our floor coverings since 2020. Not only is it 100% recyclable, it also consists of 65% recycled material such as yoghurt pots or food packaging. Certified with the "Blue Angel" and the ECO Institute label, it is free from PVC and plasticisers and is absolutely low in harmful substances. For these properties, our CERAMIN Tiles collection honoured with the Interzum Award for high product quality.

In addition, CERAMIN the coveted Domotex Green Collection Award, an award that recognises sustainability and environmental friendliness. This award emphasises CERAMIN as an environmentally conscious choice and confirms our commitment to sustainable product development.

Classen Group: Certifications for sustainability and healthy living

But not only our material CERAMINⓇ  can convince in the flooring industry. All our other products also carry various certificates and seals of approval that clearly and transparently characterise our sustainability efforts.

eco-INSTITUT label: Certified healthy living

The eco-INSTITUT label is a distinction awarded by the independent eco-Institut e.V. testing institute. This seal of quality characterises products that meet the strictest pollutant and emission requirements. Products with this label are guaranteed to be low in emissions and outgassing as well as harmful ingredients and are therefore harmless to human health.

The Blue Angel: The German government's eco-label

The Blue Angel stands for independent and credible testing according to strict ecological standards. It emphasises products that are particularly environmentally friendly, health-friendly and resource-saving. The environmental label is awarded by the German government. In the context of resilient floor coverings, the Blue Angel label guarantees that the product does not contain any harmful plasticisers and is low in solvents and pollutants overall. This means that all our products proudly bear the Blue Angel in recognition of our efforts to produce healthy and sustainable floor coverings.

Greenguard certification: for better indoor air quality

The Greenguard certification, which attests to compliance with strict emission standards for indoor products, is a further sign of the quality and safety of our products. This certification shows that our floor coverings are not only of high quality, but also do not affect indoor air quality. What's more, products with this certification can also be used in particularly sensitive environments such as schools, nurseries and healthcare facilities.

The French VOC label: high quality at international level

The Classen Group has also been awarded the French label for volatile organic compounds, which recognises our products at an international level. As an additional seal to the Blue Angel and by achieving emission class A+, we also comply with strict limit values in an international comparison.

Recognition as an incentive

The large number of awards we have received confirms our commitment to quality, innovation and environmental friendliness. These accolades - whether for our innovative CERAMIN-floor coverings or our other product portfolio - are not only confirmation of milestones achieved, but also an additional incentive and promise to our customers that we will continue to offer innovative and sustainable solutions in the world of floor coverings.

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